February 16, 2009

It's a girl!

Well folks, sorry it took some time to get this post up (Daddy was being slow on the scanner) but I finally hassled him enough. The technician seemed very sure and The Bugette (thanks Parker!) was not being shy. So to make sure we have plenty of things to embarrass her with later in life and because it occurs to me that this is the only time you can post a picture of your child's little bits on the internet without getting arrested, here is the telltale shot! The arrow is conveniently pointed at the area of interest.

Here is one from the side with a little profile action going. You can also see the spine and heart in this one and the top half of a leg with femur.

I'm going to post this last one even though it's a little creepy. It's her face, but we're seeing the bone structure so it's like a little skeleton baby. I turned it on it's side so you get the full effect. I think you see little hands on the right side and the bladder at the bottom. I'm sure that dot is just an artifact of the film, but it sure looks like an eye! (New info as of 2/17: I was looking online at other people's ultrasounds and I came across one almost exactly like the one below complete with the circle. So maybe is is her eye!)

All in all the exam went very well. She is on schedule for growth ( I don't know about me, I'm working on getting a belly picture up soon). All of the important parts were located: kidneys, bladder, brain, heart complete with four chambers and umbilical cord.

Send us your ideas for girl names! Until next time,
Christie, Doug, and The Bug

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  1. Are you thinking unusual names or pretty girlie sounding names? I like old school traditional names as opposed to trendy names. Unless they become trendy. Do you have any part of the name picked out? I realize the surname is a given.