July 31, 2009

Penelope is 1 month old!

And what a month it has been. I don't think anything can prepare you for handling a newborn except already having a child. We are getting more used to each other. Though honestly, every time I think I have things figured out she does something new. Here she is in a pretty little dress. She pooped about 2 minutes after I put it on. Then while I was changing her she spit up and that was the end of the pretty dress.

I like this one because it looks like she's running. Or maybe frolicking, I like frolicking better.

This is one of the preemie outfits we got for her. The body fit, but the neck hole was tiny. I stretched it out and got it over her head. We had to get a picture because I knew it was the only time she would be wearing the outfit. It says "I'll always be Daddy's little girl." In retrospect, buying the preemie clothes was kind of a waste of money but at the time in my hormonal post-partum state it was necessary. I was freaking out because she was so small and all of the newborn clothes were so big and she just had to have something to wear that fit better. Oh well, something to remember how tiny she was years from now.

This cracked us up the first time we put socks on her and they were too big.

Topless tummy time after yet another spit-up incident. I'm sure I'm just over excited about my own child, but she seems really strong for as little as she is. It's wobbly as expected, but she can hold her head up for a long time and she scoots herself all over the place until she finds a comfy spot. She likes it when we hold her so she's sitting up and can look around.

This was a less productive tummy time session. Kaleb joined in, but I think she was more interested in the mat than in Penny. After we picked Penny up, Kaleb took over the whole lily pad.

Mirrors are about the only toy interesting to her for now. If she grabs the bugs it's pretty much by accident.

Here she is having her first tub bath. It went pretty well until it was time to wash her face, that was not so fun. As you can see, the umbilical cord did finally fall off. July 19th to be exact. It fell out of her onesie and startled Doug a bit.

And finally, I am enjoying the things I had to avoid while I was pregnant. This was our "date" when I had my first beer. I think the last major thing left is sushi. Tuna tataki, here I come!

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