March 17, 2010

Penelope was 7 Months Old! Like a Month and a Half Ago!

I got my Christmas present about halfway through January.  We bought a new camera because I just wasn't happy with the pictures the old one took.  However, there seems to be a problem with this one, too.  It keeps taking the same picture...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Maybe without the flash...No, now it's just yellow...

Anyway, we finally got it figured out and I am really happy with the new camera.  Great for low light shots and super zoomey.

January was a fun month.  Penny learned to sit up by herself on January 12th.  AND she finally got the hang of solid food.  She eats like a champ now and hasn't refused anything I've tried to give her.  She can even feed herself puffs and yogurt melts.

We played at a park in Shelby.  She was getting sick, so she didn't enjoy it much.

Here she is after we realized she was sick.  So pitiful.

She loves this little jingly ball, we call it Happy Baby Face.

She also loves Daddy's iPhone.

Discovering that her feet can reach her mouth

I thought this was cute when she fell asleep holding on to the ball.

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