June 17, 2011

Art, Vanity and Getting what you pay for

You know how you always see the caricature artists at the fair or Disneyland or other places people are having fun and you think, "it might be kind of fun to have one of those done of me," but you don't do it because you don't really want to wait in line/pay for it/see how they draw you?  Well, I had an opportunity to have one done for free recently.  Anyway, I love the cake and my hair looks pretty good...

The only cure for vanity is laughter, and the only fault that is laughable is vanity. ~Henri Bergson


  1. I have never had the courage to let someone draw me. Indeed, I have been known to very nearly injure myself just to avoid having my photo taken. However, i am inspired by your aplomb, and plan to follow suit....eventually.

  2. Maybe if you're paying for it the artist won't make you look like Butthead.