January 30, 2012

Forget Evil Robots, Watch the Animals

Ever since we moved to this neighborhood four years ago, there has been a constant supply of feral cats that live near the entrance.  I'm beginning to think that, with each successive inbreeding, these cats get more and more insidious.  There is one, whom I've dubbed Psycho Death Cat, that has made multiple attempts to cause my own dear, hairy children to kill me.

One day recently it would have been really embarassing and extremely funny if someone had been filming us on our daily walk/jog.  I was jogging (the dogs were walking fast) when Psycho Death Cat made an appearance.  Since we already had some forward momentum, I was powerless to stop them; I have to brace my legs and use my entire body to stop them if they both decide to charge after something at the same time.

My jog became a sprint as I was forcibly dragged forward by the 120 pounds of dog attached to my right arm.  I'm yelling, "Stop! STOP!!!" while thinking that I was surely going to fall and break something.  Or worse, hurt my teeth!  I was just about to let go when they lost sight of Psycho Death Cat and stopped. 

Good workout, guys.  Thanks.

So, if you see two brown dogs on the same leash tangled up in a tree somewhere, they're probably mine.  Approach at your own risk because I'm sure the Cat will be lurking somewhere near awaiting a fresh victim.

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