March 19, 2009

BIG Changes

Hello Dear Friends.

The past month has been a busy one. I've had my 30th birthday and it wasn't so bad. We had a small party where I got lots of cards making fun of my age, some pretty flowers and an Aero Garden. I guess it's not too incredibly exciting to party with a pregnant lady, but everybody seemed to enjoy eating and hanging out for a while. It was probably best that I was in bed by 12, anyway. That's pretty late for me!

The Bug is growing, and so am I. In fact, my belly has changed to the point where I felt the need to remove my piercing. It was sticking out like a turkey timer and driving me crazy. The bead was in so tight, Doug had to get two pairs of pliers and pull the ring apart to get it out. I trust him, but I think that was scarier than having my belly button pierced in the first place. So, it looks weird, but I am much more comfortable.

I have moved up to visiting the doctor every two weeks instead of every four. I've gained the appropriate amount of weight and I still don't feel like I am any heavier, though my feet have disappeared from my view and are getting ever harder to reach. Thank you, slip-on shoes! At the last visit, The Bug was dubbed "very active" by the doctor who could hardly listen to the heartbeat for all of the moving around she was doing. For those who have never experienced hearing a baby's heartbeat with a doppler, the baby moving is actually louder than the heartbeat. I think she may be sideways, because she sure likes to kick me in the left ovary if I squish her. And poke my bladder when it gets too full. It's got to be tough to be a claustrophobic fetus. 4 more months, Girlfriend.

Here are my five month belly pictures. First with big brother Dozer who is pretty good at posing for the camera.

Then a more sidelong view with big sister Kaleb who apparently couldn't stand the 20 second wait and collapsed from exhaustion. The room is only about 2/3 painted, so I promise the "squares" won't remain gray/beige.

Then we had some fun with the dogs.

"Can I lick it?"

"Oh, it's a camera. Cheeeeese!"

"What's going on?"

This weekend, Uncle Harry and I are off to VA to visit the Ress family (see their blog, linked here on mine). This will be my first time meeting Finn and I'm sure there will be some fun pictures to post when I get back.

Until then,
Love and Bug Hugs.

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