April 08, 2009


Since we finally had a weekend with good weather, Doug was finally able to finish painting The Bug's room and install the dimmer. As promised, the "squares" are now colorful and framed in an ingenious manner, if I do say so myself. The contents of said "squares" is still TBD. What? I'm working on it, jeez. Still to come are a ceiling fan and a roller shade to make the room nice and dark for daytime sleepings. Pictures are below, with Dozer of course. He loves that room (notice his location directly in the center of the available sunbeam).

So, the room looks great, but it came with a small price. Doug scared the CRAP out of us both on Friday when he was cleaning up. I was laying down with a headache after an exhausting week at work when he comes back upstairs and says, "I got paint in my eye!" with a tone in his voice that made me leap up off of the bed. Now, I'm expecting it's a little drop and I figure it just stung which caused the distress. He's in the bathroom facing the mirror and then turns to me, and his ENTIRE EYE is covered in paint. It's IN his eye and it looks like a creepy horror movie, but lavender. I'm thinking he's going to be blind, but I know I need to get it out. I grabbed a bottle of saline, threw a towel over his shoulder and started squirting away. Of course Doug is one of those eye weenies who can't touch their eye or put in eye drops, so I'm trying to squirt the saline in the tiniest slit which is all I can get. He eventually had to stick his finger in his eye to get out the last goopy bit, but all of the paint came out. No pain, no blurred vision, his eye didn't even get red. Truly amazing, and incredibly lucky. Valspar paint, people. It's good stuff.

How did this occur, you ask? He was putting the lid back on the can and some paint in the lip shot directly into his eye. Not on his shirt, not anywhere else on his face. Just one blob directly to the eyeball. I can't get the image of his paint-covered eye out of my head, it just gives me the willies. I'm glad to know I can be calm and functional in at least a minor emergency. Who knows what would happen if it involved blood.

We're off to Western NC for the holiday weekend. I'll try to post again when we get back. I need to remember I can do short posts instead of going on and on once a month. I'll try.

Oh, yes. I promised pictures from VA. Not many were taken, of me anyway. But here is what I've got.

Parker, Finn, and I after a delightful lunch at the aforementioned Alejandro's (see Hormones, Cravings, and Moisturizers). Don't worry, it's not a real beer. Just a birthday card mocking the fact that I cannot partake.

See? Everyone loves a good beer, even babies.

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