May 01, 2009

The Fourth Generation

I think the majority of you know the baby's name already, but I would like to take this opportunity to officially unveil, explain, and remember. We are naming our little girl after my maternal grandmother who, sadly, is no longer with us.

Jean Virginia Jordan French was a great lady, full of love and humor until the very end. It was hard for her at times as a young mother of three kids, but she was quietly resourceful and always made sure they had what they needed. They all grew up to have daughters (and sons!) of their own. She loved crossword puzzles, Western novels, Western and mystery TV shows, fried fish and wintergreen Life Savers. After my Papa passed, she actually planned and paid for her own funeral well before she needed it. It was a total surprise, and a great relief to her kids who didn't have to worry about it. Below is the verse she chose, and some book covers of her favorite western author Louis L'amour (click on it to make it bigger).

Doug did get to meet her before the Alzheimer's got too bad, and we hope our Bug will inherit some of her spunk. She can't be with us in body, but she will be with us in spirit as we name our daughter, the fourth generation, Penelope "Penny" Jean Strahler. This picture is from the day before Grandma's 80th birthday in 2001. We love you, Grandma!

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