October 26, 2009

Penelope is 4 months old!

Early in October, Penny and I took a trip to Hickory to visit Grammy Linda and Granddad Craig.  It was an early visit for Granddad's birthday, and we got to meet Uncle Brian and Karina and friends in Yadkin Valley for the Yadkin Valley Wine Festival.  Here we are at Raffaldini.

Penny and Grammy watched some football.

We slowly introduced Penny and Uncle Jason.

A little closer...Penny doesn't seem too sure...


 Penny slept in various cute and interesting positions.

Penny and Daddy found a new fun game.  I think we are going to have our hands full with this child...

Penny still likes "school."  They've been doing hand and foot print paintings, I'll post some pictures of her artwork when I get to bring them home.

Here she is totally over Raleigh Wide Open and ready to go home.  It was loud and super windy the whole time.  She must be in tune with nature or something because it started to rain a few minutes after we got in the car.

We got our best picture of Penny yet with Polly and the blankie Grammy made for her.

And, as a bonus, I call this one, "I don't wanna be a milkmaid!"

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