January 05, 2010

Things I Have Learned So Far

To tide you over until I can manage to get Christmas pictures posted, I have put together these gems.  I'm sure there will be future installments.

According to the available clothing, all babies are short and fat.

After having a baby, some parts of your body will never be the same again, including some you didn't expect.

Whenever I try to think of a song to sing to Penny the only one that comes to mind is "I've Been Working on the Railroad."

I have said, "ew, you got poop on your sock," more times than I ever expected to in my entire life...which was none.

When shopping with a baby, you are bound to the cart and can no longer abandon it to grab your item off the shelf around the person who has decided to park in the middle of the aisle and read the ingredients of every brand of white rice on the shelf. I'll give you a hint...the ingredients are...white rice.

It is nearly impossible to watch your husband change a diaper and not say anything or just push him out of the way and take over.

Babies love dogs.  Dogs, however, find babies both interesting and scary.

Seeing a pulse in the fontanel (soft spot) will never not freak me out.

You really do make weird faces when you feed a baby with a spoon.

I am apparently going to be The Mean One.

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