January 30, 2010

The Sixth Month

Since I am so late, there will be many pics, not so much text.  Christmas fell right at the end of the sixth month and will be covered in a separate post.  Now, on to cuteness!
Fun with spoons, still working on our relationship with solids at this point.
Jazz hands, middle
Conked out with Mr. Ribbits
I did a little "photo shoot" to get pictures for Christmas gifts.  The first one below was the winner.
Penny Singlesock
Making Daddy look really tan
Penny and Polly
Wearing some hand-me downs
Christie, in said hand-me-downs
After a work Christmas party, it was wintery weathering outside
We took Penny to see Santa at the mall.  She did very well.  No crying, but, well, just see for yourselves.
Santa!..., oh.  Well, like I said, no crying.

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