February 01, 2010

Penny's First Christmas!

We spent Christmas up at Penny's Great Grandma's house in Ashe County, NC.  It was about a 3.5 hour drive.  We played a little, but she slept most of the way.  Here she is still hanging onto her usual menagerie:  Snortimer, Doodle, and Froggie is up there on her shoulder.

Hangin' with GGM

She would NOT go to sleep and spent much of the Eve swaddled on the couch.

Then we broke her out for the obligatory bow-on-head picture...

and opened some presents.

Opening Santa gifts.  She would grab the paper and pull until it got to her mouth.

"Whatever, give me that paper."

Four generations of womens

Penny and Uncle B

During the night, an ice storm blew in and built up a good layer of ice on everything.  We woke to the sounds of crashing branches.  The power went out twice, fortunately it was less than an hour both times.  The second time was when the turkey was in the oven.

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