January 14, 2009

Hormones, cravings and moisturizers

Let's see if I can knock out a few short topics in one post.

Fun with Hormones!
  • Let's see, I think the first noticeable effect was that the "global endowments" got more, well, global. Like a full cup size.
  • I definitely tear up more easily. Now, as a Pisces I am fairly weepy anyway. Brian (older brother for those outside of the fam) used to make me cry just by pointing at me. It sounds silly, but it really was quite menacing. I seem to be more prone to weeping in the morning: a song, a Christmas card, Coach K calling in to 101.5 on Sheri's (formerly of Bill & Sheri) last day. TV commercials get me in the evenings sometimes, but later in the day I'm usually more prone to...
  • getting mad about something dumb or something that I just completely misunderstand.
  • I can't seem to express myself clearly and spend a lot of time trying to clarify what I mean.
  • I definitely am a lot more spacey than I used to be. I have, as Parker calls it, "baby brain" or "the baby stole my brain" as another pregnant lady put it. The most interesting manifestation of this is that I keep putting my clothes on backwards. I bought some maternity pants (a bit early, but they were on sale) and when I tried them on I just went by the tag that they fold over the waistband. You know, the one on jeans that is always on the back left? So, they feel kinda weird and the satiny stuff goes down way too far in the back. I finally look down and see that there are pockets on the pants and I say, "these look like back pockets! What is wrong with these pants?!?" Then I realize they are back pockets! I am happy to say that the pants fit perfectly when they are pointed in the right direction. So there's at least one aspect of my body that I can feel good about.
  • Finally, see Cravings.
  • Oddly, I don't seem to want sweet things as much as I used to. Quite often they don't even taste good to me. I hardly had any of Mom's famous and amazing Christmas cookies this year. Ice cream seems to have made the cut and I am enjoying it very much.
  • I tend to want salty and savory things. I hear the salt craving is an indication of a boy.
  • Nachos
  • Potato chips with Dean's French onion dip (sound familiar, Mom?)
  • Fortunately this kid want fruits and vegetables pretty often.
  • Pickles. What is it with pregnant women and pickles? Is there scientific reasoning behind this?
  • I've eaten quite a few grilled cheese sandwiches (with bread and butter pickles, of course).
  • Right before Christmas I absolutely had to have pink grapefruit juice.
  • I have to have orange juice everyday.
  • I don't like water as much, I want beverages with flavor. Which also means calories since I'm trying to avoid artificial sweeteners.
  • Finally, ethnic food. I've had Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Japanese that I can think of. I'm having Dim Sum on Saturday. I still haven't managed to get my Indian food. And I think I had a dream about the pork carnitas tacos from Alejandro's in Roanoke, which are totally amazing.
I'm sure most of us experience the lovely skin drying effects of cold weather and running the heat in the house. I've actually been remembering to use lotion in the mornings so as to not have the creepy-crawlies later in the day. I found a great lotion at Ulta that is Lemon Sugar flavor. It came in a great big bottle with a pump which is a definite plus. I also put cocoa butter on my belly which has it's own distinct scent. These two combine to make an interesting aroma. So if I smell funny, it's because I'm mixing scented moisturizers and I don't care!

I guess this didn't end up being very short. Oh, well. Until next time... :)

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