January 27, 2009

Our First Visit to the Doctor

Sorry, but this one isn't quite as entertaining as some of the other posts, but it is what really happened.

Way back before Christmas I got a call from our family doctor's office saying that they had sent my info to the Atrium OB/Gyn and I should hear from them soon to schedule my appointment. So I figure I'll give them about a week, I didn't want to be that patient. Then it was the holidays and I figured they were just going to wait until after the new year or something. Then I finally got mad when I realized that I was 12 weeks pregnant and apparently no one cared. So I called on January 2, and they had never heard of me. Turns out the fax had never made it.

I have to say they took care of things very quickly. I went in that day for the medical history and we got scheduled on the 5th to meet the doctor and have an ultrasound. By this point the whole thing is very surreal and I'm becoming convinced that I'm going to go in to the appointment and they would say, "you moron, it's just gas. Stop wasting our time." Then we get there and they're all concerned because my blood pressure is high and I keep telling them to wait until after the ultrasound.

My stress wasn't helped by the fact that it seemed like they were doubting me. As it turns out, I think they were trying to make me be less pregnant than I really was because they usually do this appointment at 8-10 weeks and I was at 13 weeks. So she asks if I'm sure about the date of my last period and if I've been having any symptoms of pregnancy and I'm like, "crap, I knew it. They don't believe me either."

We finally get in to do the ultrasound and I think when she saw my belly she finally believed that I was at 13 weeks. The Little Bug popped right up on the screen and I had the hugest feeling of relief, I almost burst into tears right there on the exam table. I have the picture hanging beside my desk at work so I can look at it every day and remind myself that it is real.

In newer news, I got to hear the heartbeat again yesterday, which is very reassuring. I know you can buy one of those Doppler things, but I think I would abuse it and just walk around listening to the heartbeat all the time. Maybe you can use headphones...

Anyway, the next ultrasound is scheduled for February 12th when we will count limbs and hopefully be able to tell if it is a boy bug or a girl bug. I'll keep you posted!

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