January 13, 2009

How we found out

So, the day we actually found out that I had a buttermilk biscuit in the oven was Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008.

We had taken Monday off to extend Doug's birthday weekend and that was when I really started to suspect that something was up. I realized that my PMS that month was "different," mostly because I hadn't gotten mad at Doug about something stupid like I usually do. Additionally, I really thought Aunt Flo should have arrived by then. I remember walking into the bathroom right before bed and feeling pretty convinced that I was late and I thought, "Oh no! I said I was ready, but I'm not ready!" See, we had just recently discussed that we would wait about a year before I got pregnant and I was a little unhappy about waiting, but I could see the logic. Then I thought, "no, just wait until you get to work and check your calendar before you freak out."

So I went to work and checked my calendar. 32 days. 32 days!!! I counted again, still 32. I don't know how many times I doubted and counted, but it was always 32. OK, this has never happened before, now what. Fortunately, Lindsay hadn't moved to her new office yet so she was still next to me and available to help me and do the logical thinking.

We went out to lunch that day in Louisburg and made a pit stop by the Walgreen's. I am embarrassed to admit that I took the test in the bathroom at work (with a lab timer for accuracy) but I had to know. I really don't think I could have waited. So, really, really long 3 minutes.... Positive. Refer back to the directions. Definitely positive. Oh boy (or girl!).

I make it back to my desk without my head exploding or anybody finding out, because you know everyone can tell just by looking at you. Lindsay was the first to know, and she tried to help me figure out how to tell Doug. I decided to make him Southwestern eggrolls since he complains that I never make them. I hoped he would ask me what was going on so I could say, "well, now that you ask..." He got home while I was still cooking and could tell something was up, so we didn't get to eat first like I had planned. Obviously none of my plans were working out at the time ;)

I don't remember exactly what I said. Something like, "well, my calendar said I was a few days late. So I took a test."
Doug: "And it was positive."
Christie: "Yep."
Doug: "I feel sick."

So, after the initial shock and a few sleepless nights, here we are happy and getting ready for our Little Bug. I am so grateful for every one's joy and excitement for us. I also appreciate those that have expressed confidence in our parenting capabilities, because sometimes I am in doubt! In some ways I feel like it is the most important job we will ever do, and I just hope we can give him (or her) a good life. It should be easy with great people like all of you around.
Love you!

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