April 10, 2009

Is that an elephant?

So, I've been getting some grief because I've been saying that I feel big. Everyone keeps pointing out that it's all downhill from here. I'm not saying I feel huge, just big. Bigger, to be exact. My feet are long gone from my sight and nearly from my reach. It's getting harder to get up, almost impossible from the floor. And I keep hitting myself in the belly with stuff, because I don't expect it to be there.

On the belly note, I have a story from a short time ago when I wasn't even this big. So the GC (gas chromatograph = big expensive analytical equipment) that I work with has a panel of buttons on the front of it. One day I'm writing data in my lab notebook and I hear beep beep-beep beep. "what the heck?!?" Then a little window pops up on the computer that "Settings have been changed." ....NOOOOO!!!

Everything was fine, but evidence that The Bug is already causing trouble. Perhaps a career in science? Engineering?

Happy Easter everyone!

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