June 18, 2009

Baby Shower or Bust

On May 31st Mom threw a baby shower for me. Here's the spread Mom and friends put together. (The fruit skewers stuck in the watermelon was my idea!)

The centerpiece was this supercute diaper cake. Apparently you can order these online for $80 or so, but Mom made one for me! I didn't realize until I got it home that every diaper was individually rolled up and tied with a piece of ribbon. I'll be sad to take it apart!

Doug and I. Look! He's actually smiling! Sort of...
The best and least blurry of me opening gifts from our very generous family and friends. I swear the last time I wore that top I didn't look like a pregnant stripper. In a matter of days the girls took the shirt from cute to lewd. And of course I didn't realize until I saw the pictures. All part of the deal, I suppose.

Our thanks to everyone who came and contributed to Project Penelope. I didn't fully realize until a few weeks ago that there is really nothing you have already that can be used for a baby. Everything has to be new. Well, I guess I have some Q-tips and cotton balls. Phew! Got that covered! Check, check!

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