June 06, 2009

Mmmm, love that wet dog smell..........

So, I slacked off a bit on my dog washing duties. It was time to catch up before it was too late; the belly is becoming quite a hinderance to daily activities. Dozer was super hairy, and Kaleb had been a victim of my spectacular mess. I dropped a small container of salad dressing which bombed straight to the floor and emitted a 10-foot arc that struck the ottoman, the rug and Kaleb. She leapt up like, "what the heck," and then Dozer cleaned the ottoman for us and Kaleb cleaned the rug. I attempted to clean Kaleb off, which worked fine on her head and leg but the streak down her back was a bit more stubborn. She was left with a crusty patch that eventually wore off, but really needed to be washed out. I think we even sent her to the vet to get her teeth cleaned with the crusty streak.

Dog bath day is always a fun day in the Strahler household. First, we play hide and seek. Sometimes followed but a rousing bout of "I'm bigger than you and can carry you up the stairs." Though more recently it has been more like "follow the cookie." I've been enlisting Doug's help to haul them into the tub, so it is truly a family affair.

Here is Kaleb in the tub. Still dry, but already with the sad face.

Now she is wet. Sadder face? I can't tell.

Now she's clean and either happy to be clean or just happy that it's over.

Now for the big baby. We chased him out from behind the couch only to have him enter "the fortress."

Dry. (Penny snuck into the corner of this one.)


Clean, but still with the sad face.

After Dozer is out of the tub, he usually runs around like a moron for about 5 minutes and then he a Kaleb have a wrestling match. He was going too fast to catch the moron bit on film, then I didn't have the camera for the wrestling. But you get the idea. Good times.
Finally, the last stage is to get me clean because I end up a wet, hairy mess after all of the fun. There are no pictures of this part of the process.
I'm glad they're clean because they really needed it, but I think this is their last bath for a while. At least at home. I'll consider paying someone else to deal with it, at least in the near future.

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