June 18, 2009

Who needs a cat...

When you've got a Dozer!

So, we have a mouse. Again. It was first sighted in the pantry and has since been blocked from the 24-hour mousie buffet. We haven't set any traps yet because we haven't had much luck in the past. Last year's mice seemed to be able to eat everything off of a classic mouse trap without setting it off. We then tried the glue traps that are supposed to put the mouse to sleep or kill it through the glue or something. Well, they don't seem to work that way. Let's just say it's a very traumatic process for everyone involved. However, we do need to decide soon on a plan of attack.

Here's a timeline of Dozer's hunt for the mouse:

Friday, June 12
Apparently spotted the mouse on the kitchen counter and scared it behind the stove. Is still convinced it is there hours later. Every time we said, "where's the mouse?" he would run to the kitchen and look up at the counter.

Saturday, June 13
Has forgotten about the mouse in the kitchen. Asking, "where's the mouse?" now results in the same reaction "where's your (fill in the blank)?" usually does, meaning whatever toy he happens to be interested in at the time. Lately, that has been Honk Dog aka the "loofah" dogs sold everywhere these days.

Wednesday, June 17
Spots the mouse in the living room and sniffs around for it for several minutes. Apparently does not understand the concept that the mouse will not necessarily emerge from the point of entry.

Thursday, June 18
2 a.m.
I am awakened by Dozer rummaging around in the office. I go in to find the trash can emptied, some foam board and the like I had leaning against the wall knocked over and Dozer with his head shoved under the shelf. Still does not understand that the mouse will not necessarily emerge from the point of entry. He is too worked up to go to bed and his mouth breathing is bothering me so I closed him out of the bedroom.

5 a.m.
Doug and I are both awakened by Dozer thundering down the stairs. Obviously there has been another sighting. I go to make sure he hasn't knocked anything over and try to get him to come to bed again. Still too excited, so he gets locked out again.

6:45 a.m.
Has apparently spent the night in the stairwell. Finally comes into the bedroom and flops down on his bed like he is completely exhausted. Mousing is hard work!
We are slowly discovering all of the places in the house that even a single piece of candy is located and getting rid of it. You would think the mouse would leave when there is no easily available food and there is a 55-pound maniac hot on its trail.

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