November 13, 2009

Feng Shui, My Way

After four and a half months, I finally realized that Penny's room needed a change.  Since she was sort of sprung on us a little early, we just put the rocker wherever it would fit.  At the time, that was in front of the closet.  Then we added a side table.  I always felt like it was awkward, but it never quite formed into a coherent thought.  Finally, it gelled and we (meaning Doug and Jason) shuffled things around a bit.

The rocker is now in the sunny corner by the window.  Very nice.  BTW, the little dog picture is a paint-by-number that I did about 20 years ago.  I mean, it's an original (shifty eyes).  Yeah, totally off the cuff...

Now, the hamper and diaper pail are by the changing table.  Where they actually make sense!  Four months of walking across the room with the dirty clothes or diaper!  Someday my brain may function properly again.  I hope.

Also notice the lovely butterfly in the green "square."  It was purchased months ago and buried in the closet only to be found again when I made Doug take everything out because Dozer thought a mouse was in the closet.  No mouse was located, but it was a good excuse to organize her closet a little better.

Best of all, the closet is now unobstructed.  I can't tell you how many times I almost broke the little man lamp trying to hang up clothes or get something out.

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