November 01, 2009

What Birds and Halloween Have in Common

Thanks to the Target $1 section, Penny had nearly a weeks worth of holiday outfits.  We started with the pumpkin T-shirt, which apparently had negative effects on her behavior.  Hello little birdie!

Then she wore the one Uncle Harry and Aunt Danielle got for her.

Thursday she wore her actual Halloween outfit.  A bit early, but I was planning to wash it so she could wear it again on Saturday.  We got an early start on Thursday, so she fell asleep before I could get pictures.  I know the hat is a pumpkin, but I can't help but think it looks like a carrot.

Friday was the ghost shirt and another little birdie.  So serious about it, too.

Then I made sure to get plenty of pictures of the Lil Pumpkin suit and the hat from Uncle Harry. 

 This one is accompanied by lots of "gaa gaa gaas" and other interesting sounds.

Aaaaand, we're done.

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