November 10, 2009

Weekend Update

Hiyo, Bug here!

I had a great weekend.  We had a few friends over for Daddy's birthday on Saturday.  Mommy made too much food as usual, and did silly things with vegetables.  She said it was a Pepper Devil, whatever that is.

I helped Mommy do laundry.  It was coming out the top of the basket, so I packed it down for her.  I guess I got a little tangled up while I was at it.

I made Daddy a card at day care on Monday.  I write pretty well for a baby, hey?

I did something really exciting this weekend, at least Mommy thought it was.  I rolled over!  I rolled from my back to my tummy and then back the same way.  I've been trying to roll to the left for a week or so now.  I usually kick my legs up, fall to the left side and get stuck there. I try and try, but all I do is rotate widdershins.  Then on Sunday I finally did it!  I did it again on Tuesday night, but I was too fast for Mommy to get a picture of the actual rolling.  I let her take one of me on my tummy since I was all nice and clean from my bath.  I made sure I had a cool, "oh, this?  I do it all the time," look on my face when she took it.  Really, I hate tummy time, but keep that on the DL.

Bubba was excited, too.  I wonder if I smell different now that I can roll over?

Bubs is still trying to catch the last mouse (or more?).  He apparently thought one was behind the shelf in the laundry room, so Mommy took everything out so he could check it out.  A mouse had been there, but not just then.  That Bubs, he is so silly!  Especially when he scared himself, jumped and hit his head on the shelf!  That was funny!

Thanks for listening, everybody.  I hope you have a great week!

Love and Bug Hugs,

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